award-winning portable scanners for going paperless

It's time to go paperless.

There's never been a better time to declutter, get organized, and go paperless. Let's do this...

Form an alliance with your paper

Whether you know it or not, you share a common goal with your paper — to go and stay paperless.

No really, your paper doesn't want to just sit around in a shoebox under your bed. It gets lonely, dusty, and wrinkly down there. Your paper wants to be freed, not forgotten.

Which works out wonderfully for someone like you who, even with the best of intentions, has lost, forgotten, or misplaced more important paper than you'd like to admit.

Scanners used to suck (but they don't anymore!)

Truth be told, going paperless is a lot easier than you might think.

But we get it, maybe you're scared that having a scanner's going to suck (because those antiquated computer-driven scanners of the past sure did!).

Or that the software's going to be crappy (ours isn't, we made it awesome instead).

Or that you'll be tied into yet another ecosystem (not with us, it's your paper — do whatever the hell you want with it).

Actually go and stay paperless

Enter Doxie, the reliable, intuitive, high-quality scanner that connects your physical paper to your digital world.

As a standalone scanner with a rechargeable battery, Doxie lets you scan anywhere — no computer required and then save, share, and send your paper to the cloud with the Doxie app.

Plus, Doxie's super portable so, when you're done scanning, you can just tuck it away in your bag, drawer, or super secret hidey-hole until a new piece of paper enters your life.

You got this

It’s about ding-dang time you go from piles to paperless. Your paper will thank you.


By the by, there are a whole bunch of other benefits to using Doxie, but we're not going to bombard you with the details.

Not even if you really, really, really wanted to hear about how Doxie lets you scan in full-color up to 600 dpi, or how easy it is to create multi-page PDFs, or how you can sync to all of your devices, or the integrated award-winning ABBYY™ OCR engine, or even all about how the included Doxie apps automatically apply Intelligent Auto Adjust™ to make every scan look amazing.

Nope, you won't find any of that here. That's all on our Apps page.