Doxie Go Software

Software features

Connect to sync

Doxie Go syncs scans to the included Doxie 2.0 software when you plug it in – just like a digital camera. And like an iPhone, Doxie’s battery recharges while connected via USB.

Simplicity is key

Doxie’s intuitively designed companion software makes scanning amazingly easy. Just connect Doxie to sync, organize, and save your scans.

OCR + Searchable PDFs

Award-winning ABBYY® OCR technology recognizes the text in your documents, creating searchable PDFs. Search all your text, then copy and paste with ease.

Evernote, OneNote, & Dropbox ready

Doxie works with Evernote, OneNote, & Dropbox – send PDFs and images to the cloud with just a click – in seconds, your paper is backed up on the cloud and on all your devices.


Doxie saves multi-page PDF, JPEG, and lossless PNG files to your desktop. And built-in OCR means your PDFs are easily searchable.

Send to the cloud

Doxie sends your scans directly to the cloud – just click to send your paper and photos to Dropbox, OneNote, Google Drive, Flickr, Evernote and more.

"Staple" to create multi-page PDFs

Doxie’s smart stapler tool lets you stack multi-page documents together – creating multi-page PDF documents is just a click away.

Receive scans via USB or Wi-Fi

Connect Doxie to sync scans via USB; or with optional Wi-Fi, scans are sent wirelessly into the Doxie app.

Send to any app

Select your documents or photos, then send them to any app on your computer in one click – Evernote, Acrobat, iPhoto, Photoshop, or your favorite e-mail client.

Intelligent adjustments

Doxie’s automatic image recognition system delivers crisp, clean copies of your paper. Automatic cropping, rotation, and contrast boost makes every scan look amazing.