The original Doxie is no longer available
Instead, check out the new Doxie Go.

Introducing Doxie®, the new, modern paper scanner that's so simple, it'll revolutionize the way you think about sharing and storing docs and photos forever. Doxie is ultra-portable, fully automatic, and integrated with your favorite desktop and web apps – ready to scan and share all of your paper!

The smarter paper scanner

So simple, Doxie will change the way you organize your paper forever. Just plug it in, insert your document, and press Doxie's heart button to scan. You'll get a PDF digital copy in seconds. Doxie's intuitive, fully integrated design makes organizing your paper easy, from bills and receipts to reports, drawings, recipes, love notes, and everything in-between for your home or office. Doxie is document scanning made easy. And new for 2012: Doxie adds Auto Adjust for automatic contrast, cropping, and rotation, plus all new Doxie 2.0 software.

Scan to the cloud

Docs and photos are made for sharing, so Doxie makes it easy to post your stuff online, integrating directly with your favorite local and web apps – post directly to Google Drive, Evernote, Flickr, and more. And the free Doxie Cloud service turns your paper into short URLs for instant sharing for e-mails, chats, and tweets – just insert your paper and get a link. It's that simple.

One scanner, dozens of apps

Doxie's apps make sharing and archiving easy – Doxie has direct support for local and web apps with smart integration for sharing and organizing your paper. Send your document to Acrobat for archiving, Evernote for reading on your iPhone, Google Drive for instant OCR… and much more. Doxie creates PDF files, lossless PNG, and JPEG images, so your scans are always exactly the way you want them, where you want them.

Doxie does photos, too

Scan and share your photos in brilliant color. Doxie automatically straightens and crops your paper photos, then drops them right into Photos, Picasa, or Lightroom – just like a digital camera. Put in your favorite photos – Doxie keeps up with fast, stunningly crisp scanning. And Doxie can post your photos directly to Flickr for instant sharing and easy editing.

Technically brilliant

Portable, modern, and USB powered, Doxie is always ready to scan – Doxie offers crisp, clean copies of your paper in full color at up to 600 dpi thanks to its patented scanning technology. No power cables or complex drivers – just connect Doxie to any PC or Mac, launch the Doxie app, and push the button. Doxie's ultra-light design and single scan button gets your docs where you want them. Everything you need is in the box – the Doxie scanner, intuitive companion software, even a carrying case.