Doxie 1.4 for PowerPC

If you're using an older, PowerPC-based Mac, you won't be able to run Doxie 2.0 or later. Instead, you should download Doxie 1.4, the last version in the 1.x series, which will work on your older Mac. As of October 2011, system requirements for all Doxie models were updated to include the requirement for an Intel-based processor. However, if you purchased your Doxie before this time, we want to make sure you can still use your scanner as advertised on your older, PowerPC-based Mac – hence this archived download page. Please note: as of October 30th, 2012 this version of the Doxie software is no longer officially supported.

Doxie 1.4 is compatible with:

Doxie 1.4 is not compatible with Doxie Go (DX200) or other models – such models have always listed an Intel processor as a requirement. You may wish to turn off automatic update notification that you are not prompted to update to Doxie 2.0 and later versions -- but be sure to update in the future if and when you buy a new Mac.

Download Doxie 1.4

If you have an Intel-based Mac, you should not download this file – instead, download the current version from our main web site. If you're not sure, this article from Apple shows you how to identify your processor.

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