10 Ways Doxie Leaves "Scanning" Apps in the Dust

Photographing paper with your phone is like recording a song on the radio with your phone's microphone; it gets the job done but at the expense of a lot of noise, effort, and lack of quality.

1. Image quality

Doxie was engineered to provide the quality that's not only needed to make documents searchable and consistently readable but also to digitize detailed photographs.

Thanks to its contact image sensor, Doxie directly scans your paper's surface and delivers full-color copies at up to 600 dpi.

Phone apps attempt to extract features from a photo and, by their very nature, produce lower quality results due to:

  • Lower resolution sensors
  • Image blur from camera shake and focusing
  • Skew distortion from camera perspective and lens effects
  • Scale distortion from not being able to accurately measure the size of the original document
  • Insufficient and uneven lighting

To put it simply, Doxie delivers consistent high-resolution scans with ease.

2. Lighting

As a dedicated scanner, Doxie produces its own internal lighting when scanning. Phone apps require you to provide your own adequate lighting. Indoor lighting tends to be uneven and causes washed out glare spots on paper.

With Doxie, you can scan anywhere — indoors, outdoors, in bright light, in low light, or even in the dark.

3. Desk space

Phone apps require your documents to be photographed one page at a time and spread out on an open surface. Having other objects in view, — such as your coffee cup, computer keyboard, or an inquisitive toddler's hand — can confuse apps as they try to detect page boundaries.

Doxie simply feeds your paper through its slot during scanning. You won't need to rearrange your table space, stand or sit to get better scans, or apologize to those waiting for you to try and frame a decent shot.

4. Folded documents

Going paperless often means dealing with a lot of folded documents, especially those that come in the mail. Phone apps search for a perfectly flat rectangle, which means you have to refold papers and smooth out any wrinkles to get them to lie flat.

With Doxie, you can scan wrinkled, creased, or folded sheets just as easy as perfectly printed paper.

5. Speed

Phone apps may work in a pinch for a receipt or two, but become frustrating after a couple of pages. Each page needs to be flattened, arranged on a surface, photographed carefully, adjusted to ensure corners were accurately detected, and saved.

Doxie doesn't make you work to get a good scan, it just does it for you. Scanning takes mere seconds — just insert your sheet and then insert another.

6. Automatic adjustments

Phone apps are based on detecting documents in photographs across a variety of conditions. In real-world use, this involves a lot of tweaking of document corners and cropping to achieve acceptable results.

Doxie, on the other hand, is a dedicated scanner that performs these kinds of adjustments automatically.

7. Going paperless

The process of going paperless typically involves scanning a large backlog of documents and photos. Phone apps involve a very tedious workflow that just isn't appropriate for higher-volume use. You shouldn't settle for less if you genuinely want to digitize and go paperless.

Designed with all your paper in mind — not just the odd document here and there — Doxie handles your bills, receipts, reports, drawings, documents, notes, business cards, and photos with ease.

8. OCR accuracy

Optical character recognition (OCR) can be applied to documents to make their contents easily searchable. Doxie's included companion software uses the industry-leading OCR engine from ABBYY with provides unmatched accuracy. Phone apps typically don't even offer OCR. If they do, they use an open source engine that delivers extremely unreliable results.

9. Powerful software

Doxie's included desktop software offers more capabilities for image adjustments, output options, organizing scans, saving scans to multi-page PDFs with OCR, and sending scans to local applications and the cloud.

10. Versatility

Doxie doesn't tie you into some sort of product ecosystem like a lot of phone apps do. You should have control over how you keep and organize your paper. It's your paper — do what you want with it!

In summary...

Doxie scanners provide higher quality scans, faster performance, and superior usability in comparison to "scanning" apps that use your phone's camera.

Use what works for you

If you need a picture of a document in a pinch, or only have a small receipt to save every now and again, then sure, using your phone might be good enough.

If you have more than the odd piece of paper to scan, refuse to compromise on quality, want to keep things organized, and want a straightforward way to finally go (and stay) paperless, then you're probably going to want to get a Doxie.

Thanks to its small footprint, rechargeable battery, and expansive memory, Doxie fits your life—take Doxie with you and scan anywhere, no computer required. Doxie's always ready and never in your way. Click here to find which Doxie is right for you!

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