doxie + minimalism

The minimalist scanner for a minimalist life. Go paperless and make room for the essentials in your life with Doxie Go – the wireless, rechargeable, super-portable paper scanner for everyone. Going paperless has never been easier.

Scan anywhere with Doxie

Doxie is a new kind of scanner – with a built-in battery and memory let you scan all your paper, receipts, and photos anywhere with no computer required.

Amazing Doxie software

Doxie's intuitive desktop and iOS apps make it easy to organize, create multi-page searchable PDFs, and even send to cloud apps like Evernote, OneNote, & Dropbox.

Designed simplicity

Doxie’s tiny – the size of a rolled-up magazine. When you’re done scanning, tuck it in your bag or a drawer. Doxie's always ready, and never in your way.

Doxie was thrilled to sponsor the 2016 Minimalism Tour.

The Minimalists have recommended Doxie for years as their preferred paper scanner. If you don't yet have a Doxie to call your own, today's the day to finally go paperless!

Whether you’re starting or maintaining a minimalist lifestyle, Doxie makes going paperless a piece of cake!

Find the Doxie that suits you best. Place your order. Then wait calmly by your mailbox – because on a day not too far from now, Doxie will arrive. Those stacks of paper don't stand a chance.

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