Doxie Go SE retains all of your favorite features about Doxie Go — rechargeable battery, ultra-portability, amazing Doxie apps, and the ability to scan anywhere — while also implementing your top 5 Doxie Go suggestions...

#1: Connected scanning

Doxie Go SE lets you scan while connected to your computer.

While Doxie is designed to be a portable scanner, we recognize that many people want to scan while connected to their computer. Which is why you can now keep Doxie connected to your computer while scanning.

Once you're done scanning, simply import with ease into the Doxie app.

#2: Better battery life & memory capacity

We've improved both Doxie's battery life — scan up to 400 pages per charge — and Doxie's memory capacity — save up to 8,000 scans before needing to sync — so you can scan more and longer than ever.

Plus, Doxie Go SE features a user-replaceable battery, which means you can have extra batteries (purchased separately) charged up and ready to go in a pinch!

#3: Improved feeding

Doxie Go SE feeds like a champ. Thanks to its complete physical redesign we've been able to implement more consistent feeding, a more reliable paper sensor, and a clever cover design to better guide your paper.

Seriously, throw your paper at this puppy* and watch it feed with ease. (*please do not throw your paper at actual puppies).

#4: Extra long receipt scanning

We get it, receipts are getting longer and longer these days. Which is precisely why we've doubled Doxie's scanning length to 30 inches / 760 mm!

#5: Speedy delivery

We've taken the process of archival scanning and importing and turned it up to 11. You can now scan faster in 600 dpi and import faster with an upgraded micro USB interface.

You'll notice a speed difference in Doxie Go SE right from the get-go (because we even made startup faster!).

If you don't have your Doxie yet, today's the day.

If you don't have a Doxie Go SE to call our own, how will you go paperless? Offered in two editions (standard and Wi-Fi) it's easy to find the Doxie Go SE that suits you best. Place your order. Then wait calmly by your mailbox – because on a day not too far from now, Doxie will arrive.

Those stacks of paper don't have a chance.

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