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Hello! 👋 We're Doxie & Co., makers of Doxie mobile scanners.

Our Doxie Flip mobile flatbed scanner – the smart scanner that flips to scan everything – has been available since 2013, and we're looking ahead toward the future of what we might build next in this category.

We're soliciting feedback from users of both Doxie Flip and Flip-Pal® Mobile Scanners — a physically similar, discontinued scanner geared toward genealogists.

Want to help us build the future? We'd like to learn more about your needs. If you'd like to share your thoughts with us, please complete the following survey. Your answers will help us decide if and how we move forward.

While we're not able to share details on future plans today, we'll gladly keep you in the loop on any future Doxie photo scanner developments (unsubscribe at any time). Thanks so much. ❤️


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