doxie one

Doxie One is no longer available
Instead, check out the new Doxie Go SE.

There’s more to going paperless than just a great scanner. That’s why we’ve spent just as much time designing Doxie’s companion app for your computer. Doxie’s app is the perfect digital inbox for your scans, and your perfect assistant in organizing, sharing, and going paperless.

Amazing software

Doxie’s intuitively designed companion software makes it easy to organize your scans your way: create multi-page documents, save scans as searchable PDFs, send scans to other apps, or upload your scans to the cloud. Getting organized has never been easier.

Simple sync

Doxie One stores your scans on an SD card (included) – just like a digital camera. When you’re ready to organize, simply insert Doxie’s SD card into your computer or connect the scanner itself via USB.

Staple & Deliver

Doxie’s smart stapler tool lets you stack multi-page documents together – creating multi-page PDF files is just a click away. Once you’ve got your documents organized the way you want them, save, send, share, or upload to the cloud.

Doxie Cloud
Doxie AirDrop
Doxie Evernote
Doxie Adobe
Doxie iMessage

Amazing sharing

Doxie makes it easy to share your documents, photos, and images. One click sends to popular cloud apps like Evernote & Dropbox. Create searchable PDFs you can e-mail to friends or colleagues. And for Mac users, send scans as PDFs via AirDrop and iMessage.

Cloud apps

Doxie is tightly integrated with Evernote, Dropbox, & OneNote – three great cloud apps that store your documents, creating a backup and making them available on all your devices. Doxie supports Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive, and more.

iMessage & AirDrop

For Mac users, Doxie offers built-in AirDrop and iMessage integration. It’s the quickest way to share your scans – just select a scan, click iMessage, and send it as a text directly to someone’s Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Doxie even lets you send PDFs as part of your iMessage.

Doxie Share

Documents everywhere

Scanning your paper is only half of going paperless. Doxie makes both scanning and organizing easy, your way: save scans and searchable PDFs on your desktop, or send to cloud apps that give you access to your scanned documents everywhere.

Always with you

Dropbox, OneNote, & Evernote offer a great way to store your scans, if you’d like to keep them in the cloud – they’re all in one place and available on all of your devices. Doxie gives you the flexibility to use the cloud service that suits you best.

Always backed up

Documents in the cloud give you extra security. If you lose your computer, just restore from the cloud. And scans transferred to your iPad are secure in your Photo Roll, backed up via iCloud.

Doxie color skins
Doxie A4
Doxie iPad SD Card
Doxie Apple Lightning


Stand out, blend in, connect, and accessorize with Doxie’s great add-ons. Doxie works, acts, even looks the way you want it to. So you’ll be sure to scan everything and go paperless with ease.

iPad Sync

You can use Doxie with your iPad, too – just connect Apple's Lightning or 30-pin SD Card Reader accessory ($29) to import scans. Scans import directly to your photo roll, back up via iCloud, and are shareable to built-in and third-party apps like Mail, Messages, Dropbox, Evernote, and many more.

Protect & Personalize

Make Doxie yours with two great accessories: Doxie Color Skins (customize Doxie with 7 swappable PANTONE® colors) and Doxie A4 Case (carry and protect your new Doxie).