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First things first...

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Finished scanning? Let's have some fun...

How to make a paper necktie:

Step 1

Fold the bottom corners of a long receipt upward to form a point

Step 2

Flip the paper over

Step 3

Fold down a square shape from the top

Step 4

Fold two-thirds of the square flap upward

Step 5

Just below the fold, carefully cut inward one-third of the width on each side

Step 6

Flip the paper over

Step 7

Fold the two corners just above the cuts from Step 5 upward toward the middle

Step 8

Fold the corners just below the cuts from Step 5 downward toward the middle

Step 9

Fold the remaining top flap downward

Step 10

Flip the paper over

Step 11

Now you have a paper necktie!

Step 12

Use the top flap to hang the necktie from your shirt collar

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