Now that you've scanned, synced, and organized your documents, invoices, and receipts, let's have some fun!

First things first...

Make more space by scanning all of your paper with an award-winning mobile or desktop-ready Doxie scanner. There's never been a better time to declutter and get organized.

Now, grab a long receipt and get ready to get creative!

Let's make a paper tie...

Step 1

Fold the bottom corners of a long receipt upward to form a point

Step 2

Flip the paper over

Step 3

Fold down a square shape from the top

Step 4

Fold two-thirds of the square flap upward

Step 5

Just below the fold, carefully cut inward one-third of the width on each side

Step 6

Flip the paper over

Step 7

Fold the two corners just above the cuts from Step 5 upward toward the middle

Step 8

Fold the corners just below the cuts from Step 5 downward toward the middle

Step 9

Fold the remaining top flap downward

Step 10

Flip the paper over

Step 11

Now you have a paper necktie!

Step 12

Use the top flap to hang the necktie from your shirt collar

If you don't have a Doxie yet, today's the day!

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