Doxie Pro. Making space work for you.

Finally, a scanner that makes any size space work better.

Doxie Pro is built for evolving spaces that need ongoing decluttering. It’s compact, simple to use, and is our most powerful wired scanner yet.

Fast and powerful

22 pages per minute, baby! Robust, speedy scans that go straight to your computer. Plus, it comes with US, UK, and Euro power adapters. 

Ready to work

Your paper piles are history. A collapsible, automatic document feeder fits up to 20 pages, with a direct feed slot for particularly thick or delicate papers. 

Two-sided scanning

That’s "duplex" scanning if you’re fancy. Accurate scans of your two-sided paper; load once and let Doxie Pro’s automatic document feeder do the rest. 

Legendary Doxie organization

Paper clutter? We've got you. Make more desk space and create peace of mind by scanning your stuff and filing it away (even in the trash)!

Works where you work

Respects your home, home office, or work space. About the size of a rolled-up hand towel, and about the weight of a three-month-old kitten. 

High quality and simple

OCR text recognition? Check. Multi-page, searchable PDFs? Absolutely. Easy user interface? OF COURSE. Tough enough to tote, and totally stylish? Yep.

No-fuss software included

An intuitive interface with all the right features to make, manage, and file your scans. No need to be a techie (unless you want to be).

Satisfaction guaranteed

No strings attached. If Doxie Pro just isn't for you (<sad trombone>), return it for a full refund with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

At home wherever you work

There's no "one and done" decluttering, right? Because that's how life is -- we've got varying levels of mess that we manage only as well as our tools allow. Doxie Pro helps make any size space work better.

Software for people

Auto Adjust
Multi-Page PDF
Smart Modes

Scanning and managing your documents shouldn’t feel like rocket science. That’s why we designed Doxie Pro’s software to be a simple yet robust interface that makes it easy for you to create and manage accurate, clean scans. You're only a few guided clicks away!

Making space work for you

Get rid of the paper piles and check off some of the boxes on life’s project list. And if you’re splitting time between home and office, Doxie Pro is compact enough to take with you, because it works where you work.

Still not convinced?

Totally cool. We know reviews and ratings are where it’s at. We can’t wait to hear your review!