Tips for Going Paperless

It's time to go paperless. There's never been a better time to declutter, get organized, and go paperless. Here are some tips to get you started.

Scan everything as you get it.

Doxie scans paper anywhere – no computer required – so you can scan the day's mail, receipts, paperwork, and notes anywhere you are. Leave Doxie in a drawer at home, or take it with you for instant access.

Scan things regularly without letting them pile up – you'll make the job easy. Doxie stores your scans in memory, then syncs to PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Rely on search, not folders.

No matter where you keep your scans – on your computer or in the cloud – you might be tempted to create hundreds of folders in which to store things. Sounds time consuming, right?

Save time by minimizing the number of folders you create. Doxie creates searchable PDFs so you can search the contents of all your files at once, on your computer or in the cloud. By merely typing a name, account number, or detail in one of your scans, they'll all come up instantly.

Find a workflow that works for you.

Everyone has different ways to organize: save scans on your desktop, organize in folders, send to organization apps, save to one of many different cloud services... some even keep their scans right in the Doxie app.

Spend a few minutes to find the workflow that suits you best. Think you'll change your mind later? No problem. Doxie creates files in standard formats like PDF, JPEG, and PNG, so your files are never locked into one organization method.

If you don't have your Doxie yet, today's the day.

If you don't have a Doxie to call our own, how will you go paperless? Check out all the different models and find the Doxie that suits you best. Place your order. Then wait calmly by your mailbox – because on a day not too far from now, Doxie will arrive.

Those stacks of paper don't have a chance.

Buy Doxie + Go Paperless