Doxie + Travel

Oh, the places you'll scan! Whether you’re prepping for a trip, working remotely, or trying to simplify your mobile workflow, there’s never been a better time to get organized and go paperless. Here are some tips to get you started.

Scan important documents before your leave.

Doxie Go scans all your paper. Before you head out on your trip, make sure to scan some of your most important documents so you can have them handy should something happen to your physical copies.

Sync digital copies of your ID cards, insurance cards, travel visas, immunization record, itinerary, etc., to your PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Proper packing prevents poor performance.

Paper doesn't schedule when it comes into your life, so keep Doxie with you on your travels. Doxie’s tiny – the size of a rolled-up magazine – and it's rechargeable battery and built-in memory let you scan anywhere – no computer required.

Simply insert your paper and scan full-color pages in just 8 seconds at up to 600 dpi. When you’re done, tuck it in your bag or suitcase. Doxie's always ready, and never in your way.

Scan things regularly without letting them pile up.

Doxie Go makes scanning your paper easy so there's no excuse to let paper pile up. Regularly scan items along your trip – simply insert your documents, photos, cards, and receipts to scan, archive, and share.

Doxie works with Evernote, OneNote, & Dropbox so you can even save searchable PDFs and images to the cloud with just a click.

If you don't have your Doxie yet, today's the day.

If you don't have a Doxie to call our own, how will you go paperless? Check out all the different models and find the Doxie that suits you best. Place your order. Then wait calmly by your mailbox – because on a day not too far from now, Doxie will arrive.

Those stacks of paper don't have a chance.

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