The original Doxie U.

The original Doxie U. is no longer available
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The smart scanner for teachers and students. Less paper, more sharing.

The original Doxie U. is the easy, intuitive, portable paper scanner that's so simple, fully automatic, and integrated with your favorite desktop and web apps will revolutionize the way you organize all of your paper forever.

Ditch the backpack and get everything organized

Doxie U. makes digitizing, organizing, and sharing all your paper easy, from handouts and notes to reports, drawings, handwritten notes, and everything in-between. Just plug Doxie in, insert your document, and press Doxie's heart button. Doxie produces crisp, clean copies in full color at up to 600 dpi.

No power cables or complex drivers – just connect Doxie to any PC or Mac, launch the Doxie app, and push the button. You'll get a PDF digital copy in seconds.

Scan to the cloud. Doxie U. + Evernote = Classroom Organization

Docs are made for sharing. Scan to your desktop, send to the cloud, and even send to iPhone or iPad. With a click you can post your documents online, directly with your favorite local and web apps – post directly to Google Drive, Evernote, and more.

Doxie U. + Evernote is a perfect match – Evernote makes it easy to plan, capture information, and create shared notebooks for student collaboration. Evernote recognizes both printed text and handwriting, so you can search all of your scans in one place.

Where can I get original Doxie U. support?

If you own the original Doxie U., visit the support site for help and downloads.