Doxie Flip is no longer available

A new kind of scanner for capturing your creativity and history.

Doxie Flip is a new kind of flatbed scanner that goes everywhere. With an intelligent design that flips, it’s perfectly designed for photos, albums, sketches, pocket notebooks, even small objects like coins and stamps... so you can capture your creativity and history everywhere.

A new way to capture everything

Doxie Flip is lightweight and portable – about the size of a book. It’s cordless, with batteries and SD flash memory so you can take it with you and scan anywhere, no computer required. It's perfect for research, road trips, or even just your couch.

Framed Prints

Flip, see through, and scan everything

Doxie Flip has a removable lid and transparent scanning window, so you scan notebooks, old photo albums, even interesting surfaces – just flip Doxie over and place it safely and directly on your originals. Doxie’s window lets you see what you’re scanning as it happens, so every scan is perfect.

Perfect for photos and memories

Doxie scans everything you never thought possible. With a 4x6" (A6) scanning surface, you can scan most any object, from old photo albums to newspaper clippings, coins, stamps, clippings from books, and everything else. Your originals always stay protected. For big originals, use AutoStitch to merge scans together seamlessly.

Capture notebooks and sketches

Doxie is perfectly designed for capturing pocket notebooks – scan sketches, notes, and artwork with amazing clarity. It’s the perfect companion for Field Notes™ and Moleskine® brand pocket notebooks.

Amazing quality. Beautifully simple. Perfectly sized.

Doxie Flip scans originals up to 4x6” (A6), delivering brilliant image quality in a size you can carry with you. A removable lid makes scanning anything and everything easy, at up to 600 dpi. And for larger originals, Doxie’s AutoStitch feature seamlessly merges multiple scans together into one big image. So you scan anything, even large prints.

Spiffy companion software

There's more to Doxie Flip than just a great way to scan your creativity and history. Doxie's intuitively designed companion software makes importing, adjusting, saving, and sharing your scans remarkably easy.

What will you scan with Doxie Flip?

From photos to sketches, surfaces, and objects, Doxie offers endless creative possibilities.

  • Notes on napkins
  • Sketches of strangers
  • Handwritten short stories
  • Pocket notebooks
  • Wedding inspiration
  • Quick bits of poetry
  • Fortune cookies fortunes
  • Brilliant business plans
  • Notes in book margins
  • Song lyrics
  • Baseball cards
  • Pressed flowers
  • Polaroids
  • New tattoo ideas
  • Hand drawn puzzles
  • Crayon hand outlines
  • Research notes
  • Pros/cons list of getting a cat
  • Grocery lists
  • Party plans
  • Web design wireframes
  • Letters to Santa
  • Games of tic-tac-toe
  • Doodles from third grade
  • Genealogy discoveries
  • Problems that need solving
  • Dreams for the future
  • Autumn leaves
  • The palm of your hand
  • Fabric samples
  • Shiny plastic buttons
  • Rose print wallpaper
  • Interesting surfaces
  • Photo collages
  • Dry macaroni art
  • Old birthday cards
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