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About Doxie Flip

Introducing Doxie Flip – the ultra-mobile flatbed scanner perfectly designed for photos, memories, creative ideas, and pocket notebooks. It's cordless and battery-powered, so you can scan anywhere. Doxie features a transparent scanning window and removable lid, so you can scan anything with incredible flatbed quality – just flip it over.

Doxie Flip is the first specialized Doxie: not for 'going paperless', but built for capturing your history and creativity in a new way.

Product Launch Information

Doxie Flip is now available Doxie USA,, B&H Photo Video, and other worldwide resellers.

For direct sales from Doxie USA, we're thrilled to partner with Field Notes Brand to bundle a limited edition Doxie/Field Notes notebook with beautifully textured cordtone covers.

Press Release

Doxie Flip – a new kind of scanner for creativity and history.

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Press Contact

Paul Scandariato


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Review Units and Contacts

Review Units

We have a limited supply of Doxie Flip review units and media evaluation kits for qualified press and bloggers. Please e-mail us for all requests. Thanks so much for your interest.

Other Products

For media information on other Doxie products, visit the press page.

About Doxie® brand scanners

Doxie delivers modern, award-winning mobile scanners that scan, organize, and share – everywhere you go. With smart cordless scanners and amazing software, Doxie delivers paperless for everyone.

Press Contact

Paul Scandariato